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writers to the effect that this foundation was made. / In many of the places which he had visited in the course of his various journeys between France and Italy, he had prepared the way for foundations to be made as soon as the number of the brethren would allow. The articles of a visitation of the convent held in 1340 by the Provincial of Toulouse show how much importance was attached by the saint to this salutary ordinance. At an age when reason had not yet fully dawned he displayed a certain instinctive love of penance. Vincent of Beauvais, 1 Andrew de Longjumeau, Guerric of Metz, the Englishmen, Robert Kilwarby, Clement and Simon Taylor, Stephen of Bourbon, and the German, Henry of Marburg, these are the names of men, each one. 4 In 1209, the goods of William de Durfort having been confiscated f the miraculous beam was taken from his house and deposited in the Convent of Prouille, where it remained until the foundation of the Convent of Fanjeaux. Thus passing on he arrived at Bologna, where it is probable that the first news which greeted him on his arrival was that of the death of Reginald of Orleans, which took place in the February of 1220;. When the earth was removed the man arose alive and unhurt. Necessity at last obliged the religious.

Over that ancient bridge his feet must have passed times out of mind as he went forth on his errands of charity. Preaching once in their native village, he proposed to the people to raise a convent of the Order on the very spot which had given birth to its great founder. Consider- able doubt, however, hangs over the accuracy of this state- ment. So new and wonderful did this life seem to those who beheld it, that it opened their eyes to the truth of the faith by which it was inspired; and the whole household made their recantation. If this be so, then most certainly the case of the Albigenses was one of this nature, and the severities of the Crusaders must be regarded less in the light of brutal massacres than of wholesale executions. The saint having one day stopped at an inn with his companions, the hostess was much disturbed at the small gains she saw herself likely to make by them, for they being many, and eating little, she was put to much trouble to little purpose. Reginald arrived in Rome only in time to bid adieu.

They burned with the same zeal for the house of God, and the same ardent desire for the salvation of souls. It was not, however, until 33 that Nicholas, coming to Perugia to announce the Word of God, was entreated by the citizens to make a foundation in the city. Martin, together with an ancient chapel of our Lady, long the resort of pilgrims, which Brother Dominic often visited in his apostolic journeys, and wherein he loved to offer the Holy Sacrifice. It chanced that two of the brethren who were travelling in those parts, called at her house, and as their manner was, addressed her some words of edification. Of this, however, there is no sufficient evidence ; on the contrary, the testimony of his earliest biographers is express, that he was rarely seen outside the walls of his monastery.

Antoninus am Malvenda as occurring in this year, at Rome. On the contrary, we are assured that he attached very great importance to their pursuing those studies which best fitted them for the office, and if any showed a particular aptitude for it, he withdrew them from other occupations. Remain, as we may suppose, a year later. Dominic was only appointed Inquisitor in France after the Council of Lateran in 1215, he had a very short time in which to exercise that office against the Albigenses, as shortly after the close of the Council he left Languedoc and established himself in Rome. Percin, in his History of the Convent of Toulouse, takes notice of one feature in the character of the saint, which seems to have escaped other writers, his fondness, namely, for children. The child thus obtained by prayer seemed marked even from his cradle as specially chosen for the service of God. As they journeyed along, engaged in pious dis- course, they encountered a fierce dog, who attacked the poor Franciscan, and tore his habit to rags.

We have again to remind ourselves that our story belongs to a date from which we are separated by nearly seven centuries, and that those wild mountain-passes now traversed by military roads, or pierced by railway tunnels, were then savage. His history, like his character, was altogether extraordinary, exhibiting the energy of human passion not laid aside, but transformed and sanctified by Divine grace. All therefore rejoiced at his prolonged presence among them, and his delightful conversation rendered all the privations of poverty supportable, and sweetened every hardship which they had to endure." 7 The writer who has preserved the account of the. As he was one day engaged in giving them a spiritual con- I ference the sacristan entered, and calling out one of the priests, told him that a woman was in the church who V desired. The religious of Prouille, like all other communities of the Second Order established later, were strictly contem- plative and never undertook the work of education. Ajjhfiir-feuds, and to unite their hearts in mutual charity. When the tidings were brought her, she gave thanks to God, and on the death of her husband resolved to enter the Order herself.

The special enmity of which he was the object on the part of the Albigenses has been sometimes attributed to the uncompromising severity of his character. At length he 2 Theodoric,. Touched by the example of such admirable patience, the treacherous guide fell at the feet of the man of God, and confessing the malice of his conduct, abjured his heresy. As regarded the Albigenses, it was felt that no further indulgence was possible, but the Pope showed himself willing to admit the Count to reconciliation with the Church on certain conditions. If we are to credit the account given by Borselli Guala remained at Bergamo after receiving the habit, and became the actual founder of the convent.


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A sudden stroke of grace came to open his eyes to the nothingness of the world, and to arouse him to nobler aspira- tions. 1 The manner in which the saint began from this time to order his life was rigorous indeed. " The very night that his spirit took its flight towards God says Blessed Jordan, " it seemed to me, who did not as yet wear the habit of a friar, though I had made profession in his hands. Sixtus, grievously trying them by perpetual distractions, as though he hoped thereby at least to diminish something of the fervour of their devotions. What will beome of sinners! THE nuns OF prouille. And Dominic bidding farewell after only a few days' reunion to the son he so highly prized, set out for Bologna, on his way to Toulouse and Spain. But as he opened the psalter escort bologna com master gay video which he held in his hand, his eyes fell on the following verse, " Except you be converted, the Lord will brandish His sword ; He hath bent His bow, and made. But the saint did not abandon him. Moreover, the miracles wrought and graces received at the tomb were so abundant that crowds came thither day and night in pilgrimage, and the citizens, seeing how wonderfully Almighty God was manifesting His power on this spot, brought rich.

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