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- the murders aren't perpetrated by a human, but by a cannibalistic creature. Made by cult director Eloy de la Iglesia (cannibal MAN, murder ilue world). ADD TO shopping cart edwige fenech part 1 AND 2-Ok here are all the nude scenes starring Edwige Fenech in her 64 films! His old friend, Count Ranieri, conducts an undercover espionage operation and Alina, one of his love struck young captors, is soon persuaded to release him. Director: José Maria Elorrieta.

Evans Zhanna Bolotova  Olgert Kroders. I remember there was the black guy and the racist guy who came around at the end. The former members of the network have carried on with their lives after the war, but this evening they are going to have to live again a fateful night - the night their leader was killed. Jan Steffanic (Carl Esmond a recent Soviet defector who has developed a new weapon which fires spores that upon contact with skin slowly eat the body away. Hong Kong never looked so densely crowded nor Macao so spare and haunting.

An inhibited person, François is completely baffled when Madeleine tells him that she wants to be pregnant by him. Whilst staying at her grandparents country farm one summer she becomes fascinated by the inhabitants of a neighbouring country house. Richard Harrison and Loredana Nusciak star in this colorful muscleman film. ADD TO shopping cart tamango (1959)-IN french with ENG subs, letterboxed print. I ADD TO shopping cart maigret setrap (1958)-In French with English subs. This is the original version in the Totalscope format.35:1. Jean is galvanized by the sensationalism of the headlines and becomes intoxicated with thoughts of murder. A respectable bourgeois housewife (played by Ana Belen) falls in love with her dog.

Rare Lucio Fulci comedy with Franco and Ciccio! Starring: Francesco Angelucci, Roberto Borelli, Mariana Camara, Fortunato Cecilia, Teodoro Corrà Assunta Costanzo. ADD TO shopping cart human portrait (1989)- Clem has an inferiority complex towards the fellow filmmaker Theo, whom he accuses of having blown a woman and an Oscar. Next is la piege It starts off with Fernando Arrabal in a shop full of rat poison and huge traps showing off his wares. After the predictable fatality the girl marries an artist who is then driven to suicide. Daniel would like to continue school, but his mother cannot afford it, so she sends him to work as an apprentice in a moped repair shop. The combination fits this sparkling comedy with flying colors: the youthful, beautiful Robert chases out into the world to unravel the mystery of women.


In milano, Barbara (Monica Vitti young journalist not politically committed but that generally professed herself "pacifist is threatened by an illegal rightist terrorist group. ADD TO shopping cart avenger OF venice (1964)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed ett Halsey, Gianna Maria Canale and Perla Cristal star. Mexican horror anthology film Pánico takes place in 3 parts. King, a German scientist who is using his power and special knowledge to rebuild a Nazi regime and the world take-over. His widow, Rosa, is investigated by the police, but honest Captain Bellodi comes to suspect Mafia boss Don Mariano Arena when he can find no witnesses, no evidence, only hostile obstruction by corrupt government influences. The ending, turning the whole movie into a flash-back, dwells in supernatural territory.

This is a comedy /action/ adventure. He becomes increasing unbalanced and frightened as he is tormented by the sound of the ventriloquist's dummy laughing at him. ADD TO shopping cart buffalo bill (1964)-Widescreen print.  Georges Lautners 1970 erotic thriller, features the scorching hot Mimsy Farmer, Robert Walker. ADD TO shopping cart december 2016 update 7 pistols FOR timothy (1966)- letterboxed print. Luigi Comencini, Francesco Rosi and renato Castellano were the directors. Cellist Gaspard is living in a big house in the country with his son and three nieces. The focus of this movie isn't on murder, despite someone being shot in the opening scene and it's always clear that the characters are the star of this show. Sh?rif is a very good political thriller, based on true events : an honest judge was killed when his investigations began to unearth some uneasy truths about French high-level civil servants or politicians, presumably by some right wing rogue. Gina's on her seventh hubby, grabbing a doddering, wheel-chair-bound millionaire, while her boyfriend, title hero Johnny (Robert Viharo) rues the fact that he doesn't have enough coin to win Gina's heart.

The poor creature has been chained, hidden in a basement. ADD TO shopping cart THE damned thing (1975)-English subs, 57 minutes. Le commissaire, Mathilde Casadesus. Marie is a young girl living in a shack with a goat and pretty much exploited by the locals in a small town in rural France.  Then Kay announces she must return to her home in Mexico to visit her sick daughter.

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When Massa (Robert Hossein) is released from prison, he's sure that Luciano (Simon Andreu an old friend, is responsible for his incarceration. Starring Stewart Granger, Rosanna Schiafino and Horst Frank. ADD TO shopping cart, wOLF IN THE woods (1971)-In Spanish with English subs. There's trouble in Frankie Diomede's criminal empire in Genoa. ADD TO shopping cart, tHE 10 million dollar grab (1966)-Letterboxed ad Harris, Dana Andrews,  and Elina De Witt star in this rare Bitto Albertini caper film. Nico is convinced Venticello would never have committed murder, and sets out to prove. And then, Inspector Luca Micheli begins to investigate, and somehow finds a suspect named Delogo.  The premise has a good hook: two pregnant women get their identities mixed up after a rail disaster; the surviving one impulsively begins to pick up the other womans life where it left off. CHAT GAY MODENA ESCORT INCONTRI BERGAMO

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The American starts then a personal and dangerous investigation, despite ominous signs feared the worst. A French-Italian co-production, shot on the Canary Islands with American actors. Naturally, tensions arise when father and son are reunited and both take a liking pianeta escort gay roma escort in asti to the same girl. ADD TO shopping cart THE loner (1987)-in French with English subs, letterboxed print. ADD TO shopping cart death oigh mountain (1969)-Finally, a beautiful letterboxed print of this rare spaghetti western. An obscure Mexican horror film with plenty of sex and violence!

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Vicky loves Ricardo, but Ricardo loves Barbara. ADD TO shopping carland OF THE dinosaurs (1967)-In Spanish with English subs. ADD TO shopping cart LA corruzione (1963)-In Italian with English subs. The other bandit takes off running and Zorro disappears into the bushes. Four swindle stories, taking place successively in Tokyo - Japan (Les cinq bienfaiteurs de Fumiko Amsterdam - The Netherlands (La riviere de diamants Italie (La feuille de route and Paris - France (L'homme qui vendit la tour Eiffel Mie Hama, Catherine Deneuve.

Hoffman baroque melancholy that Bergman used in The Magician. ADD TO shopping cart THE last tomahawk (1965)-Directed by Harald reinl, this rare German western is nicely letterboxed. I guess i would call it a very ferocious social political satire to be specific, but i think it is also sci-fi : the film starts in the year 2222, and it is based on the idea that France. An excellent film very similar to bilbao and an example of how talented but how different director Bigas Luna was in the late 70's. Throughout the film he is haunted or menaced by a woman who may or may not be real. (Human Aetiological Relations Machine). In this decidedly offbeat and rather arty crime drama, a French fugitive heads for Canada and ends up joining a gang of desperate criminals who have been plotting to kidnap a crimelord's retarded daughter. This, contrasted with her submissiveness, gets on his nerves and makes him behave more and more erratically until he realises he must be in love with her. Just as Ulisses real identity is about to be revealed to his employers, the grandfather of the household lets slip that he is in truth a notorious anarchist who may be of great use to their anti-fascist cause. A 3 part anthology tale about love and sex with Catherine Spaak looking drop dead gorgeous.

A case of "out of the frying pan, into the fire because the bandits believe the sherriff survived - and no less than 50 of them come to kill him. To keep from having an embarrassing overlap of lovers, she has created a special schedule in which she allots three days a week for each of the lovers. By the time she finishes with her attacker, he'll wish he was never born. How to run a regular Bavarian hotel, of which there are so many more in Bavaria? ADD TO shopping cart love letters froiller (1972)-In Spanish with English subs. The horny husband kills them both. Frustration is replaced by anger, drastically transforming Mastroianni's character. Guy Madison, Rik Battaglia Mirko Ellis. Engaging cross between witch-burning horror and heroic peplum sees Maciste, the film's muscle-bound, loincloth-clad hero, uprooting a tree and travelling into the depths of hell to lift a witch's curse and save an innocent woman's life. The story was based on one of the popular OSS 117 spy books by Jean Bruce.

The father panics and asks his daughter to tell everybody that she had lifted his gun from his drawer because his career would otherwise be ruined by the ensuing scandal following a police investigation. Helena is placed as river town on the Mississippi River next to Vicksburg. ADD TO shopping cart messalina VS THE SON OF hercules (1964)-Uncut widescreen print with some scenes with english subs. A storm pushes their tiny single engine airplane off course, forcing them to crash land on what, luckily enough, happens to be one of the very uncharted Atlantian islands the Professor was searching for.  Haliakov is in truth Clément Tibère, a French scientist who was coerced into working for the Russians some years ago. Spying on the behaviour and the talks of the couple, the newcomers realize that Jean, clearly hostile to them, became impotente because of radiations and so Quentin starts to consider Anna as a real opportunity to perpetuate the human kind. "El Diabolico" - is an unique western in movie history.

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Sleazy over the top Nazisploitation annunci escort sa gay chat boy with Jack taylor and Patrizia Gori. While on the run, one of the bootleggers falls in love with an actress on a movie set. He meets the younger of the two (Spaak then her stepmother (Bolkan) and becomes involved in their tangled relationship. Excellent western starring Peter Martell, Anthony Freeman, and Nuccia cardinali. With its exciting action sequences, compelling plot and stellar cast, headed by two veritable icons of French cinema, it is not hard to see why Adieu, poulet remains one of the most highly regarded polars of the 1970s. Completed in 1979, arrebato is probably the most famous Spanish cult film of all time. .